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Cochlear Implants and Implantable Devices

Cochlear Implants are a medical device that is designed for patients with severe to profound hearing loss that do not receive adequate benefit from hearing aids. Cochlear implants do not restore normal hearing but can give patients a greatly improved ability to hear sounds from their environment and understand speech.

Bone conduction hearing devices are alternative to regular hearing aids for those with problems with the outer and middle ears.  It transfers sound by bone vibration directly to the cochlear bypassing the middle and outer ear.  It is useful for conductive hearing loss, mixed hearing loss and single sided deafness

Our Cochlear implant and implantable devices services:

  • Medical evaluation for surgical intervention
  • Cochlear implant evaluation for candidacy
  • Cochlear implant programming and post-operative evaluation
  • BAHA candidacy evaluation
  • BAHA programming and post-operative evaluation

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