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Head and Neck Tumors or Cancer

head-neck.hrTumors are abnormal growths that occur in the body. They can be benign, which means that they only grow in one site and are usually not life-threatening. Malignant tumors, termed cancer, not only grow aggressively in one area but often spread to other parts of the body and are life-threatening.

Cancer is one of the scariest things you can face. That’s why you want to choose specialists that provide the resources for you to learn all you can and who are experienced and specially trained to deal with the wide range of tumors of the complex head and neck region.

Causes and Symptoms

Head and neck tumors are abnormal growths of cells that have lost their ability to function normally and continue to multiply and grow. Genetic mutations in cells as well as exposure to cancer causing agents such as tobacco (cigarettes, cigars and chewing tobacco), certain viruses and excessive alcohol are often associated with head and neck cancer.

Sun exposure and burns, especially as a child or in the teenage years has led to an epidemic of skin cancer. Basal cell or squamous cell are the most common types and appear as small, red or ulcerated lesions in skin that don’t heal and slowly grow. Melanoma is a darkly pigmented lesion that has irregular coloration or borders and can spread to other areas of the body.

Tumors may arise in any part of the head and neck region. Symptoms of head and neck tumors are abnormal enlarging growths, weight loss, difficulty swallowing, hoarseness, persistent or enlarging neck lymph nodes, difficulty breathing, nasal obstruction, or bleeding from the nose or throat.

Diagnosis often requires specialized testing such as endoscopy, biopsy, CT scans, MRI and PET scans.


Treatment varies depending on the type, location and stage of the tumor or cancer. Benign tumors such as thyroid or salivary gland tumors and skin cancers are best treated with surgery alone. Chemotherapy and radiation may be recommended in place or in addition to surgical treatment. We utilize a multidisciplinary team including head and neck surgeons, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, dermatologic surgeons and plastic and reconstructive surgeons to treat all types of head and neck tumors as well as skin cancer. Our focus is on both treatment and reconstruction to provide the best functional and aesthetic outcomes.

If you have symptoms of head and neck tumors or cancer, please call the office to schedule a consultation with one of our board-certified ENT Specialists.

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