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Pediatric Hearing Loss

Children are now screened at birth for permanent hearing loss which can either be done as an inpatient at the birthing hospital or as an outpatient appointment.  Children with can be born with hearing loss which requires early intervention, including diagnostic examination, amplification and rehabilitation.  Children can also acquire hearing loss which may be permanent or secondary to ear infections. Both types of hearing loss can cause speech delays and impact children’s learning ability.  At ENT specialists of North Florida we offer comprehensive diagnostic testing for children in the first few days of life up to entering adult hood.

Our Pediatric hearing loss services:

  • Newborn hearing screening
  • Diagnostic Auditory Brainstem Response evaluation
  • Comprehensive behavioral testing for children of all ages
  • Medical evaluation by our specialized pediatric otolaryngologist and/or neurologist
  • Pediatric hearing aid fittings
  • Hearing aid verification and validation measurements
  • Ear impressions for both ear molds and swim molds

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